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Our Full rules are available for download on the files page.

To Become a Templar Knight....

• Clean Police record.  
 check required

• No illegal Drugs.

• Own a motorcycle over 450cc

• Obey our rules/bi-laws

• Always be prepared to help
 children at risk

• Always protect the order
 against all that would attack us.

• If you are in another club, we
 require references

• Accept that we will verify
 all that you tell us.

Some things that result in exclusion...

• Violence towards Children,
 Women, or any Vulnerable

•Drug or alcohol misuse.

• Lying to an Officer of the

• Personally profiting using the
 Orders name

• Not supporting you Brothers
 and Sisters in the Order

• Disrespecting your uniform

• Any involvement in Child

• If you do not follow the
 Order's rules for Honesty,
 Loyalty. and Security

We are NOT....

• Interested in protecting
 any territory

• We do not ally ourselves
 with anyone

• We do not have parties
 where alcohol is consumed
 while we are in uniform

• We do not discriminate against
 anyone due to their religious
 beliefs, sexual orientation, or
 political leanings.

• We do not express opinions
 (in social media or otherwise)
 on anything other than Child
 Abuse and the education and
 prevention of it.

The Order was developed to...

• Protect all Children, all
 over the world

•Stop abusers and pedophiles
 at all costs.

• Ensure all Children the right
 to a happy life

• Help ensure that all Children,
 world wide, feel safe

• Arrange fundraising activities
 for abused Children

• To educate Children and
 parents, about what Child Abuse
 is, what it looks like, how
 to prevent it, and steps to
 report it

• To have active Lodges
 world wide.

What we Do...

• Help locate abusers, and aid
 the authorites in the abuser's

• Fund raising for abused & sexually abused

• Work with police, social services and the

• Help Children build their self confidence

• We accompany Children during court
• We try to shield any Child who is at risk of

• Have information sessions for anyone who is interested in education and prevention

• All Lodges ask that donations on our behalf be donated directly to organizations that
 improve the quality of life for abused Children

• Arrange for escorts to and from school for Children who are at risk

• We will work with any organization that fights Child abuse

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